Welcome to The Queens Head

Cosy. Warm. Nostalgia inducing... You know those Christmas cards you see with the idyllic looking building set in the snow with carol singers serenading a crowd of rosy cheeked locals...?

Well this is the idyllic building.


Just without the snow (most of the time).


Or the carol singers (again... If you turn up and there ARE carol singers then, hey, bonus!)


Foolishly we've allowed our amazing chef Brett to have a week off, so from Tuesday 28th until Saturday 1st November we'll be running a more limited menu, so we don't give temporary chef Rachel panic attacks by asking her to cook the full menu! If you want to know more, give us a ring on 01798 812244 and ask what we have on. Normal Sunday lunch service will resume on the 2nd November when Brett will be back in the house!

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Live Music at The Queens Head...



Starting our live music days, this Saturday (1st Nov) we welcome duo Elevator to the queens head!


The action starts at 8:30, we look forward to seeing you there!

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