Welcome to The Queens Head


Cosy. Warm. Nostalgia inducing... You know those Christmas cards you see with the idyllic looking building set in the snow with carol singers serenading a crowd of rosy cheeked locals...?

Well this is the idyllic building.


Just without the snow (most of the time).


Or the carol singers (again... If you turn up and there ARE carol singers then, hey, bonus!).


There are a few rosy cheeked locals though...

We Need You!

Having just reopened we need good, experienced bar and waiting staff to deliver the first class service our customers deserve.


If you think you've got what it takes, pop in for a chat, call us on 01798 812244 or email us at info@queensheadsussex.co.uk for more information!

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Christmas is coming to The Queens Head!

We’d love to have your party here at The Queens Head! Whether you're a couple just wanting someone else to have the hassle of standing in the kitchen for hours, or there's two hundred of you, and whether we’re talking buffet and Bing Crosby on the ipod or an 8 course extravaganza...

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